Grouplove on Tour: Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Video and Fan Q&A

Rui Cardo Suggestions presenta grandi classici e perle nascoste, versioni ufficiali e live ricercati. The song was released as the second single from the album on September 2, According to lead vocalist Christian Zucconi, “Tongue Tied” was conceived in swift fashion. The video features the band at a party, and the video goes mostly backwards. It shows a man running away from a group of people in a party who are in suits and masks. He trips and lands in an inflatable pool. At the beginning of the video, when it is the morning, he is seen fast asleep with his head in the water but with his body out of the water.

Review – Grouplove Feels the Love With First-Ever Sold-Out Show

Standing firmly on the middle ground between the quirky staccato attack of Modest Mouse and the spirited arena-ready roar of Arcade Fire, Los Angeles-based indie rock outfit Grouplove came to fruition in the late s around the talents of Hannah Hooper, Christian Zucconi, Sean Gadd, Ryan Rabin, and Andrew Wessen. New Yorkers Hooper and Zucconi, through sheer kismet, forged a friendship with the latter three members while attending an art residency in Greece on the island of Crete.

Before returning to their myriad homelands, the future quintet members began hashing out plans to meet up again and put some of the music they had been working on to tape, resulting in whirlwind trips to Rabin’s Los Angeles studio, where the five friends decided to make their relationship official.

As LA alt-rock quintet Grouplove drives home in their nostalgic new single, “​Youth Home · LGBTQ · Sex & Dating · Fashion · Beauty · Nightlife · Famous People observing young passersby, all played by different members of Grouplove. The band — Hannah Hooper (vocals, keyboards), Christian Zucconi.

Such is their dedication to upbeat party-starting, this Los Angeles college pop band has even done the voguish thing and gone electro for album number two. One of the best neo-post-punk bands to emerge from the indie rock landscape in the wake of MGMT’s success, Los Angeles’ Grouplove brought catchy, buoyant melodicism to their debut, Never Trust a Happy Song.

The band’s sophomore follow-up, ‘s Spreading Rumours, is an equally kaleidoscopic if more focused album that retains all of the touchstones that made their previous release so engaging. We still get the dual lead vocals of guitarist Christian Zucconi and keyboardist Hannah Hooper, as well as the infectious percussive rhythms via drummer Ryan Rabin, guitarist Andrew Wessen, and bassist Sean Gadd. While the record was almost too glossy and polished for its own good at times, with tracks such as the infectious Colours and party anthem Tongue Tied leading the way, there was enough substance to suggest that the California-based quintet had the potential to go on and achieve something special.

Three years later and Grouplove return with that all-important second album, Spreading Rumours. Indie-pop fanatics rejoice, LA hedonists Grouplove are back.

The Tulane Hullabaloo

After six years of being on tour, October 18 at the Ogden Theatre was a benchmark date for Grouplove. In , a chance meeting on a Greek Island led to the formation of the trendy Indie rock band called Grouplove. The bandmates, by the names of Hannah Hooper, Christian Zucconi, Andrew Wessen, Ryan Rabin and Sean Gadd, originally came together in musical collaboration on the Greek Island of Crete, and found each other once again after returning to the United States the following year.

The Grouplove singer-keyboardist is known for her energetic presence, which is true of the album Grouplove has written, which will see a release date.

The past two years Grouplove was seen playing such well respected venues as Bonnaroo, Hangout Fest, Summerfest and Coachella. The second studio album is with Atlantic Records, and consists of 13 tracks totaling around 50 minutes of pure Grouplove bliss. For fans, the album feels like a friend coming back from their latest journey to pick up right where you left off. Grouplove seems to fill everyone in on their latest adventures, and does so with an abundance of boy-girl harmonies and synthesized happy melodies.

However, it is in no way a repeat of their first album. The chemistry of the band is incredible, and seems to flow so naturally.

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You must be logged in to post a comment. Posted On 31 Jul By : Leah. Comment: 0. They recorded the collection in Chicago with the legendary producer and noise merchant Steve Albini. I understand that the seeds of this album were first sown in

Buy tickets for Grouplove concerts near you. in the front row singing my heart out, making eye contact with all the band members, and enjoying their music live.

Join Songkick to track Grouplove and get concert alerts when they play near you. Be the first to know when they tour near St. Petersburg, Russian Federation. I have never heard anything like Grouplove in my life. Their music represents a spirituality in the souls who created these melodies with words that fit like puzzles. My experiences fall in love with the experiences and pleasures I’ve had seeing this band live..

I mean, who else has butterflies when you think back on such a thrilling and invigorating memory of Christian singing at the top of his lungs and from his heart about Hannah, a rapturous woman that chants the same loving words right by his side? The enthusiasm from the physical playing of their music is more than just a joy to watch, because it’s living through each and every one of their passions and pure-hearted feelings brought through their instruments.

And not even all of their songs are love songs..

Exclusive Interview With Grouplove

Grouplove is an American alternative rock band that was formed in by Hannah Hooper vocals, keyboards , Christian Zucconi vocals, guitar , Sean Gadd bass , Andrew Wessen guitar, vocals , and Ryan Rabin drums. They are also known for their single ” Tongue Tied “. Their debut album, Never Trust a Happy Song , was also produced by Rabin and was released worldwide on September 13, Grouplove formed out of a friendship among the five members of the band.

Indie rock band Grouplove produce pure sun kissed pop songs that are Previous to the band all members were friends having met during an.

Growing old is a genuine fear for many, but aging is inevitable. As Los Angeles alt-rock quintet Grouplove drives home in their nostalgic new single, “Youth,” making the most of right now is ultimately what matters most. Today, the alt-rockers premiere the shimmering music video for their song, featuring Twin Peaks star Grace Zabriskie. The track is lifted off Grouplove’s upcoming fourth album, Healer , out March The band — Hannah Hooper vocals, keyboards , Christian Zucconi vocals, guitar , Daniel Gleason bass , Andrew Wessen guitar, vocals and Benjamin Homola drums — take on a variety of outlandish characters that remind Zabriskie how different today’s youth is from previous generations.

Hooper and Zucconi first met Zabriskie when they were neighbors in Silver Lake. Hope you enjoy it and feel the love. Zabriskie and Hooper, who is also a painter, first connected through art.

The Love Story Behind The Band Grouplove

You guys know about Grouplove right? There have been a few articles on them introducing the band and their music. If any of them had decided not to go on this trip, who knows if Grouplove would even exist.

Two Door Cinema Club & Grouplove. with special guest: Jack Garratt Date: Friday, April 14, The band members say they feel most inspired when they’re.

Though the quintet hit it off, it seemed unlikely that their meeting would be anything more than just a one-off occurrence in a foreign land. But there would be more in store for the members of Grouplove than just a fond memory. He invited everyone down to record just for fun. They were all stoked on the recording, but there were still obstacles, namely the thousands of miles and an ocean that separated them.

Eventually word started to spread about the band over blogs, and it became apparent to Zucconi that they had to make a real go at being a band or they would regret it. In September , the band released its first full-length album, Never Trust a Happy Song , a track clinic on the possibilities of electro-pop infused indie rock. Snarling guitars play well with glitchy beats, and the lead vocal duo of Hooper and Zucconi create melodic bliss with their soaring harmonies.

In the following interview, Zucconi talks about a recent reimagining of Andrew W. I was messing around online, and I saw you guys did an Andrew W. Oh cool, what did you think of it? I thought you guys did an amazing job. I love covers that stray from the original. We wanted to do a reinterpretation of it, change all the chords and the chord progression, but still keep the melody.

It was really cool.

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