February is National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month

While the City of Baltimore, community and faith-based organizations, and individuals have made progress in reducing violent crime, the levels of violence affecting young people remains a significant problem. Homicides and non-fatal shootings increased significantly in to levels not seen in more than a decade. In , Mayor Rawlings-Blake launched a planning process to address violence affecting youth, under the age of 25, by calling upon a broad and diverse group of stakeholders to develop a comprehensive multi-sector plan to:. The intent of this process and the implementation of the Plan is to recognize, build on, and coordinate the related and complementary efforts underway in Baltimore, as part of achieving better outcomes for young people. Collaborative seeks alignment and collaboration with the following new activities and ongoing collaborative initiatives:. Emergency Room Violence Interruption Program: A partnership between the Baltimore City Health Department and local hospitals was established to encourage emergency room doctors to stop treating traumatic injuries as only medical problems. To ensure continuity of care, treatment begins in the hospital resulting in physicians referring victims of violence to appropriate services in the community. As a preventive measure, this program will provide resource cards and other tools to youth. It is estimated that upwards of youth from across the city will receive training and other supports to improve socio-economic well-being. Awards will be made to several city agencies to assist in job training and employment development.

Dating Matters®: Strategies to Promote Healthy Teen Relationships

Dating Matters is an evidence-based teen dating violence prevention model that includes prevention strategies for individuals, peers, families, schools, and neighborhoods. It focuses on teaching year olds healthy relationship skills before they start dating and reducing behaviors that increase the risk for dating violence, like substance abuse and sexual risk-taking. Skip directly to site content Skip directly to page options Skip directly to A-Z link. Violence Prevention.

Dating Matters Interactive Workshop: Healthy Teen Relationships Training Lauderdale, Florida, and Baltimore, Maryland to implement the two skills of TDV​.

The initiative focuses on helping youth ages 11 to 14 in urban communities that are considered to be at high risk for exposure to teen dating violence. Dating violence is behavior that occurs among teens that are in dating relationships. This behavior includes emotional, sexual, physical and psychological abuse, and extends into stalking as well. Whether the behavior occurs in face-to-face situations or through electronic methods, such as social media, it is considered teen dating violence.

Recent reports have provided alarming statistics in relation to dating violence within communities:. These statistics, and many others, have shown that there is a need to educate teens and their communities about the dangers of dating violence to prevent the behaviors from being carried into adulthood. This approach also focuses on building public awareness and interaction to create strategies that help to prevent violence throughout the community.

Lauderdale and Oakland.

New Dating Awareness Program Might Help Reduce Dating Violence

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Dating Matters®: A Local Approach to Addressing Dating Violence to violence utilizing school and neighborhood data from four major cities: Baltimore, MD;.

Each contribution highlighted dimensions of relationship functioning that can be used to inform the development of prevention programs. The findings in this issue underscore the importance of considering the independent and interactive effects of risk factors occurring at each level of the social ecology, such as alcohol use Reyes et al. As national estimates of the frequency of physical dating violence victimization have remained unchanged over the past decade Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC , the translation of these findings into effective prevention programs has the potential to transform the field of partner violence prevention.

Although some programs e. Risk behaviors may have common influences, including fundamental problems with how youth interact in relationships and how parents communicate with youth about healthy relationships. Relationship-level factors include conflict in dating relationships Connolly et al. Safe Dates was selected as the cornerstone of the initiative because of its demonstrated and sustained primary and secondary preventive effects on multiple forms of dating violence for boys and girls Foshee et al.

Parents Matter!

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the Department of Medicine for a “speed dating” event on Thursday, Library, Second Floor West Room E. Monument St, Baltimore.

Facebook Twitter Email Baltimore dating matters. Additionally, parents may have mistrusted the legitimacy of mailed solicitations for research participation. InNORC conducted a student non-attrition bias study and a parent nonresponse bias study in addition to regular data collections. Middle school students are approached for study participation through active parental consent forms distributed at school.

This obviously introduces a potentially significant variation between this site and the other three in terms of recruitment and representativeness of the sample, but it was a necessary variation given that the extremely low active parental consent rate in that site. Study of participation barriers in family-focused prevention: The teens gathered in the conference room at the Hopkins Center for Adolescent Health are part of that outreach.

The program focuses on giving sixth to eighth graders the skills to stop dating violence before it begins through a multi-pronged curriculum including teachers, parents and peers.

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It includes preventive strategies for individuals, peers, families, schools, and neighborhoods. Recently, efforts to prevent teen dating violence have grown, particularly in schools and among policymakers and sexual violence and domestic violence prevention groups. Now many states and communities also are working to stop teen dating violence.

However, these activities vary greatly in quality and effectiveness. Baltimore has a long history of addressing violence among Baltimore’s young people through innovative public health programming and policy initiatives, such as Safe Streets.

Dating Matters® is an initiative developed by the Centers for Disease Control and undergoing deployment in Chicago, Baltimore, Ft. Lauderdale and Oakland.

Introducing dating violence prevention programs to children early on can reduce abusive relationships. Researchers came to this conclusion based on programs aimed at children as young as The American Journal of Preventive Medicine published the study about teen dating violence. It indicated that starting a prevention program early lowers the rate of dating violence.

The curriculum is available for free online. Teenagers experience their first romantic relationships while still learning basic relationship skills. They do not always have the maturity to avoid abusive behaviors. It is no surprise that teenagers have a high risk of dating violence. Teen dating violence is a significant problem in our country, as one out of every three American students experiences some type of abuse.

Unfortunately, schools in the U. There are many consequences of teen dating violence.

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Features CDC. The Dating Matters Interactive Guide to Policy helps local health departments conduct an analysis of their policies related to teen dating violence and provides information to inform future policy activities. It also provides an overview of policy approaches to dating violence prevention, guidance for developing a policy plan, and tools to support policy development. The online guide walks users through the policy process with the aid of worksheets, tools, and policy related resources.

OYVP operates three prevention programs: Safe Streets Baltimore, Operation Safe Kids, and Dating Matters. Safe Streets Baltimore, the highly.

Teen Dating Violence TDV — the physical, sexual, psychological, or emotional violence within a dating relationship — is a serious matter that affects many teenagers. As teens individuals aging from 13 to 19 years old mature into adulthood, initial relationships are formative and shape expectations that persist throughout life. Unhealthy experiences can result in negative long- and short-term consequences, therefore it is essential to emphasize teen dating violence prevention early on.

Taking into account these alarming facts, advocates now join together every year to highlight TDV Awareness month in February. Many organizations such as loveisrespect. They also provide support and referrals for victims of TDV. By bringing awareness to this issue, and equipping local public health agencies with tools and resources, we can decrease the prevalence of dating violence everywhere.

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